Our schoolyard is covered in large areas of concrete and dirt, with minimal shade and greenery, surrounded by towering buildings. Encroaching development projects, adjacent to our grade 1 to 6 yard have resulted in the loss of almost 80% of the tree canopy bordering this play area.

We need your help

"Mommy, they took away all our good hide and seek places. I miss the trees."
Mark, grade 2


A school yard shaded by leafy trees where children can learn outside.
A safe environment where kindergarteners can climb on a fun, accessible, play structure.
A place where kids can play soccer, race one another, play hopscotch or dig in the sand.
A space where classmates can sit on a bench for a quiet chat with a friend, in any season.

Imagine a place where young minds and bodies grow,
creativity blossoms and memories are made.
This is what we need to bring to Connaught Public School.


The children of this community are the future of this community.
Our children only get one childhood.

Please support our children with a donation.